20 Gifts at $20 or Less

Still in need of the perfect gift for folks on your list?  We’ve got tons of great, reasonably-priced options!  Here are 20 options in the store for $20 or less.

Descriptions below, left to right, top to bottom.
  1. Col Pabst Worcestershire Sauce [8 oz] ($11.25) – Trust us, this is the most delicious Worcestershire sauce on earth! This is a great gift for the grill/smoke-master in your life.  At 8 oz, this is the perfect size for trying it out. We know they’ll be back for the big bottle!
  2. Col Pabst Worcestershire Sauce [16 oz] ($20) – The same great Worcestershire sauce as #1, but in the big bottle so you can save them the quick trip back!
  3. Bloody Mary Gift Set ($20) – This gift set has our perfect spices (and our favorite recipe) for making a mean Bloody Mary.
  4. Jones BBQ Sweet & Tangy Sauce [15 oz] ($7) – Sisters Deborah (Little) and Mary (Shorty) have been making their family-recipe BBQ sauce from scratch for their restaurant, Jones Bar-B-Q in Kansas City for decades. And now it’s available in a bottle! Gift this along with the Jones BBQ Coconut Pineapple sauce (below).
  5. Jones BBQ Coconut Pineapple Sauce [15 oz] ($7) – This limited edition sauce is made by the Jones sisters in Kansas City. Great gifted as a pair with the Jones BBQ Sweet & Tangy Sauce (above).
  6. Millpress Olives ($11) – This attractive 20 oz jar of gourmet olives with onions is a delicious treat. A nice little gift or a stocking stuffer for a big-footed buddy. Available in the shop.
  7. Hellraising Hot Sauces [5 oz] ($7) – These sauces are made by Iowa native (and Minnesota transplant) David Taylor and his wife Leigh. Available in four flavors (Sweet Suffering, Forbidden Fruit, Triple Inferno, and Green Fever), these are sure to hit the spot for the spicy-food lover!  Or get the entire collection in the Hellraising Hot Box ($28).
  8. Brown Dogs Farm Hot Sauces [5 oz] ($7) – Spotted in restaurants all around the Des Moines metro, Brown Dogs Farm hot sauces are a local favorite. Available in three flavors (Ghost Pear, Ghost Pineapple, and Habanero Peach).
  9. Triple Ginger Cookie Kit ($12.50) – Our Triple Ginger Cookies are always an East Village Promenade hit (in fact, we bake about 3,000 of them annually). Pick up the kit with all the needed spices and the recipe for your favorite cookie-lover!
  10. Books (Various) – Who doesn’t love a good cookbook? We’ve got a variety of wonderful cookbooks available in the shop – several of which are $20 or under. We’ve featured three in the web store: As Old As Time ($19.96) and Time After Time ($19.96) by Michele Castellano feature great recipes using flavored olive oils and balsamics, and A Busy Cook’s Guide to Spices ($22.98) by Linda Murdock is a great reference book with ideas on introducing new flavors in everyday meals.
  11. Dipping Plates – Set of 2 ($8) – These little plates are a perfect host gift for your favorite entertainer. Great for bread dipping and easy on the eyes too!  Available in the shop.
  12. Spiced Nuts Kit ($12.50) – Perfect for the nut in your family, this popular gift set includes all the spices needed to create our AllSpice delicious spicy nuts!
  13. Olive Oil/Vinegar Dipping Plate ($8) – This plate is perfect for the olive oil and balsamic lover. The grape pattern in the dish allows the balsamic to settle below the oil, creating an attractive centerpiece. Available in the shop.
  14. Salt Cellar ($19.50) – Our salt cellar is a great gift for folks who are serious in the kitchen. This beautiful wooden vessel is pretty enough to keep on the counter, and keeps salt handy. The lid keeps contents dry and clean. Giving a gift to someone who is super serious in the kitchen? We also offer a Double Salt Cellar ($35).
  15. Pretty Pasta Packet ($12) – A hearty bag of the delicious and beautiful organic Monnezza Verdure pasta from Piccolo Pastificio Artigiano Marella makes for a fun gift for your favorite pasta lover. Available in the shop.
  16. Popcorn Gift Bag ($18) – You know that coworker who is always popping a bag of popcorn in the break room microwave? This is the perfect gift for them. Toss the popcorn in a light coating of our Butter Infused Olive Oil then sprinkle on a little Sweet Caramel or Cheddar Head seasoning.
  17. Fall Harvest Gift Box ($18) – This cold-weather favorite makes us think about harvest time and holiday gatherings. This gift box is great for party and holiday meal hosts.
  18. Double Chocolate ($14) – A chocoholic’s dream, our Double Chocolate gift set has both an Ethereal dark chocolate bar and a half cup jar of our delicious Cafe Blend Hot Chocolate. Top the hot chocolate with the two included handmade marshmallows from Beaverdale Confections.  Available in the shop.
  19. Bell Farm Honey – 1 lb squeeze bottle ($8.60) – Locally-sourced honey is a wonderful treat. We’re lucky to have Bell Farm nearby and their honey fresh from Runnells, Iowa is a great gift for the bee-lover. Know someone who really, really likes honey? We also offer a 2 lb jar!
  20. Olive Oil & Vinegar Tasting Set ($18) – With rotating flavors, this gift set is always a surprise. We pick two of our favorite olive oil and vinegar pairings for you to try. Includes four 2 oz bottles.  Available in the shop.

Twenty options for $20 or less not enough?  Here are some more:

  • Bee’s Wraps ($6 – $21) – Shopping for an eco-conscious buddy? These handy food wraps will help them kick the single-use plastic habit.
  • Prepara Dressing Mixer ($20) – This is the perfect kitchen tool for someone who loves making their own vinaigrettes.
  • Prepara Gourmet Cruet Set ($20) – These cruets are great for keeping olive oils and balsamics handy in the kitchen. Also available as individual Cruets ($7).
  • Rise & Shine Gift Box ($12) – Perfect for the “morning person,” this gift box includes six perfect ingredients for making sweet and savory breakfasts.
  • Runamok Maple Syrups [250 ml] ($17-$20) – Runamok syrups are available in a variety of wonderful flavors. You’re sure to find one each person on your shopping list will love. Great on pancakes, waffles, or in a delicious cocktail!
  • Russ & Franks BBQ Sauces [18 oz] ($5) – Another Iowa favorite, Russ & Franks BBQ sauces originated right here in Des Moines.  Available in mild and sassy flavors.

Ordering online or planning to ship something? Remember it needs to be in the mail on Thursday, December 19 to ensure it arrives by Christmas Day.