2014 Gift Guide: Bearing gifts we travel afar – portable presents for $20 and under

Over the river and through the woods, across town or across the country. Seems like everyone we know is hitting the road and boarding the planes to spend the coming days visiting friends and loved ones.


If you’re among the wise men and women bearing gifts and traveling far, here are some gift ideas: $20 and under, most of which are easily tucked into a carry-on bag, safely nestled in the trunk of the car, or packed for sending by mail.*

Great Gifts, $20 and under

  • Fall Harvest Gift Box – $15.  Apple and pumpkin pies. Spiced cider and mulled wine. The Harvest gift box is filled with the smells and tastes of holiday baking and cozy times by the fire.
  • Ready Set Go – $16. The six most important ingredients your aspiring chef needs to get cookin’: Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Red Pepper Pizza Flakes, Premium Paprika, Mediterranean Oregano, and Basil Leaf.
  • Popcorn gift bag – $18. Gourmet blends specially formulated to season your fresh-popped popcorn.
    (gift list continues, below the photos).
  • Vinegars and Oils: 12 oz bottle of a Gourmet Oil ($14.50 & up) or Balsamic Vinegar ($10.75 & up)
  • Handcrafted wooden Salt Cellar – $19.50. The folks at Laurelwoodworks hand-craft these elegant oak and walnut salt cellars just for us. Holds approximately 1/4 Cup of salt or ground pepper (comes already stocked with 1/4 cup kosher salt).
  • Gourmet oil mister – $19.99. Fill with your favorite Extra Virgin Olive oil, to ensure a thin even coating for greasing pans and preventing food from sticking, browning meat, seasoning salads, misting cookie trays, and making pancakes.


*If you want our elves to get your special AllSpice gift delivered by December 24, please make sure you stop by (in person, by phone, or online) to make your gift choices by Thursday, December 18th.