2014 Gift Guide: Let Nothing You Dismay: Inedible, But Incredible, Gifts

Let nothing you dismay - we have gifts for even the most challenging recipients on your list!
Let nothing you dismay – we have gifts for even the most challenging recipients on your list!

Rest ye merry, gentlemen (and -women).

Choosing just the right gift for some people on your holiday list is fraught with peril.

  • It’s adorable, but what if it’s the wrong size? (You bought too small, you bought too big – either way, you’re doomed if you guessed wrong).
  • It’s delicious; but what if they’re allergic?
  • It’s exquisite; but what if they hate that color?

Some people are just challenging to choose gifts for. Their discerning tastes, expertise in certain areas, (or, to be honest, just downright pickiness!) makes you wary of choosing incorrectly.

Let nothing you dismay. For the friend who has everything, for the acquaintance who is an expert, for the relative who is, to put it nicely, very particular, we suggest these foolproof gifts.

You might even say it glows. These items are luxurious, yet practical, appropriate for special people in the exclusive category of people who eat.

Inedible, but still incredible, gifts for the kitchen.
Inedible, but still incredible, gifts for the kitchen.

Regardless of the recipient’s dietary restrictions, level of culinary expertise, aesthetic leanings, age or size, each of these gifts is a beautiful and useful addition any kitchen:

  • Gourmet Cruet ($9.99) – a table-friendly decanter, a pretty container for your favorite olive oil, balsamic vinegar — or even an oil-and-vinegar dressing of your own creation!
  • Gourmet Cruet Set with Chrome Carrier ($24.99) – two cruets in a chrome holder for your favorite olive oil and balsamic. Easy to cart from the stove, to the table, and out by the grill.
  • Double Salt Cellar ($35.00) hand crafted of solid wood, it can hold 2 different kinds of salt or salt and pepper. A wonderful mix of light and dark woods makes this an attractive piece next to anyone’s stove.
  • Gourmet Basting & BBQ Set ($19.99) – heat-resistant silicone baster, with a high-quality glass jar, that is microwave safe. Safe up to 390F is handy for both the stove and the BBQ grill.
  • Gourmet Oil Mister ($19.99) – Ensure a thin even coating of olive oil or other sprays. Perfect for greasing pans and preventing food from sticking, browning meat, seasoning salads, misting cookie trays, and making pancakes. BPA-free.

Plus, choose from among numerous cookbooks, aprons, salt and pepper mills ($20 to $50).

AllSpice co-owner Rory says that these gifts “may be inedible, but all are incredible.”