525,600 Apples?

That’s how you measure a day at the orchard with the fam! Apple season has arrived, and while we love a delicious slice of apple with a dollop of crunchy peanut butter, we’re going to need some other options for enjoying them.

Luckily, the AllSpice recipe library is chock full of good recipes to use up those apples before they go bad. Because we all know one bad apple will ruin the bunch!

Bake. Apple Pie, Apple Bread, Apple Cake, Apple Turnovers, a Rustic Apple Galette …we’re starting to sound a bit like Forest Gump here. The AllSpice recipe library is full of instructions for tasty apple-inspired baked goods.

Cook. Applesauce is an obvious choice for cooking apples, but you’ve got options. Try a soup like Butternut Squash Soup or Curried Carrot & Apple Soup. Chicken Apple Sausage is tasty brunch addition, and apples are also great in slaws and salads.

Drink. Use our Mulling Spices for a quick and tasty Apple Cider or, if you’re feeling boozy, whip up a batch of Cranberry-Apple Shrub and enjoy it with vodka and soda for refreshing, fall-themed adult beverage.

Do you have a favorite apple-using recipe we’ve not mentioned? Send it to us and you could be featured in the AllSpice recipe library!