8 Reasons Why Brunch Is Awesome

portmanteauBrunch is a vocabulary-building portmanteau. You know, brunch is a clever combination of breakfast + lunch. When you combine both the sounds and meanings of two words (smoke + fog = smog; motor + hotel = motel), it’s called a portmanteau, and that’s a nice new fancy word that you can use next time you have brunch.  Speaking of combining things,

Brunch is super-efficient. It’s two! two! two meals in one: it’s breakfast, and it’s lunch. Any day where you’re responsible for preparing two meals instead of three is a great day.  Brunch, with its eggy casseroles and pastries and breakfast meats, is so hearty and filling, you probably won’t even need much in the way of supper at the end of the day, either. What a time- and energy-saver!

Brunch makes sure you rest up.  After a busy week, and a full weekend, you wouldn’t dream of having brunch before 10 am. In fact, it would be uncivilized to sit down to brunch much before 11 am, to allow late-night revelers (and devout church-goers) plenty of time to get to the table.  A late-morning start time insures you can catch a little extra sleep before the guests arrive.

Brunch is a make-ahead meal. You can sleep in even later if you prepare your Sunday brunch dishes before you go to bed on Saturday. Some dishes, like Scalloped Potatoes, benefit from being assembled the night before (the flavors meld), and baked the next day. Two delicious make-ahead brunch dish suggestions: Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake, and Curried Carrot and Apple Soup.

Brunch cocktails cover all your food groups. Your parents worry that you’re not eating a balanced diet. Relieve their concern and garnish your Mimosa or Bellini with a fruit-kabob, or pluck that orange slice from your empty Sangria glass and eat it for a little extra Vitamin C.  And a Bloody Mary isn’t complete without a celery stir-stick (“Look, Ma! A vegetable!); and an antipasto garnish of olive + charcuterie + pepperoncini probably fulfills the whole day’s nutritional requirements. Have seconds, to be sure.

Alessandra_Easter_Brunch_Andy_Ham-225x300Brunch makes everybody happy. You want pancakes, your partner wants a bagel and some salad. If it’s brunch, both the breakfast crowd and the lunch crowd get the kind of meal they’re hungry for. Honey Ham with Reisling and Mustard falls into both the breakfast *and* the lunch categories, and pairs as well with a waffle and syrup as it does with a Curried Deviled Egg and a Gruyere-Asparagus Tart.

Brunch fits everybody’s schedule. Midday on Sunday is blissfully free from obligations and scheduled commitments: the parties and dates of Friday and Saturday night are done, church (for those who go) is over. Goodness knows, you’re not ready yet to give in to that Sunday evening feeling of looming dread of everything that’s coming up next week. No, for these few hours on Sunday, you and your people have nothing to do except enjoy some good food and one another’s company.

Brunch doesn’t judge. Craving waffles *and* oven-roasted home fries? With bacon *and* the egg-and-sausage casserole? Sure. Go right ahead. Like the proverbial honey badger, brunch do[es]n’t care. Brunch offers you lots of choices, and isn’t going to tell you what to eat, when to eat it, or tut-tut about exceeding the recommended serving size. (Let us recommend a heaping helping of Gourmet White Mac & Cheese With Truffled Parmesan. Follow that with some Bacon, Leek, and Cheese Mini-Muffins, or a Lemon Brulée Tart.) C’mon. It’s brunch — everything is meant to be savored and enjoyed.