A Cookie Twofer – Spotlight on Sugars and Awesome Cookie Recipes

Happy National Cookie Day! (Yep – that’s a thing.) We’re taking a break from scouring the town for celebratory free cookie deals to talk AllSpice sugars and our favorite cookie recipes.

Let’s chat about this week’s cookie-related Spotlight Spice (-er spices), the AllSpice sugar collection.  These sugars are our very best for decorating festive cookies (and other treats).  We’ve got sanding sugars in seven colors: red, yellow, green, silver, gold, blue and pink.  And if that’s not enough to get you excited to bake a batch, we also have French-inspired Nonpareils which are particular stunning on a dark cookie or treat.  All of our decorative sugars come in half and quarter cup sizes.

Looking for the next bomb cookie recipe to round out your treat tray? With over 100 cookie recipes available on the site, there’s sure to be a few you’ll love.  Here are some of our staff favorites:

Triple Ginger Cookies – We love these so much we serve them annually at the East Village Promenade holiday kick-off event and we created a kit with the recipe and AllSpice items needed to make them at home! Like a gingersnap, but softer, it’s difficult to have just one.

Spiced Rosemary Chocolate Chip Cookies – This cookie took top prize in the AllSpice Cookie Contest in 2014 at the Iowa State Fair. Created by Sara Woolery, this cookie is a twist on the standard chocolate chip . The rosemary gives the cookie a hint of savory flavor, and the cayenne powder and smoked paprika pack in just the right amount of heat.  This delicious cookie is muy caliente!

Lemon Olive Oil Cookies with Lavender Icing – Some might consider this a summer cookie, but we love the lemon and lavender flavor combination so much we make this treat all year long!

Do you have an all-time favorite cookie recipe? If so, we’d love it if you shared it in the comments!