A Look-back at Our ‘Cooking With Alessandra’ Class

What a blast!

Earlier this week, we were invited into the kitchen-classroom of our East Village neighbor, Alessandra. You might know her through her cooking school, Cooking With Alessandra.

We got to teach a fun evening course on the ingredients used in basic Italian cooking. We made several varieties of pizza, of meatballs, and even variations on the custard-y dessert treat, panna cotta.

Here’s a photo of AllSpice owner, Rory Brown, and shop manager Chef Amy Kenny, from the class:


We’ve had several requests for a list of which oils, spices, herbs, and blends were used in the different dishes we made. Here it is:

Tomato Sauce – Chipotle Olive Oil
Wild Mushroom – European Blend Mushrooms with Black Truffle Salt
Artichoke/Goat Cheese – Eureka Lemon Olive Oil & Greek Seasoning
Arugula/Tomatoes – Fig Balsamic Vinegar
Bacon Dough – Hickory Smoked Salt

Red Sauce – Gusto Blend
Arugula/Pesto – Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Leeks/Cream – Herbes de Provence
Curry – Madras Curry Powder

Panna Cotta:
Fresh Berry – Blackberry Ginger Balsamic or Dark Chocolate Balsamic
Spice Chocolate – Chili Threads
Vanilla-Honey Pistachio – Vanilla Paste or try Lemon Pepper
Spicy Mango – Pink Peppercorns
Espresso – Espresso Brava Salt

Thanks again to all the participants who came to the cooking class. And thanks, especially, to Alessandra, for inviting us over for the evening — we had a blast!