A Rory-Story: Skinny Meg and the Truffled Parmesan Rub Stampede

AllSpicer Anna made us this hysterical mashup of master marketer Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) of “Parks And Recreation” and customer favorite Truffled Parmesan Rub

You may have been wondering, after reading our Facebook feed, or if you’ve stopped by the shop in the last couple of weeks, what the heck the deal is about the wacky, out-of-the-blue run (almost a stampede!) on our Truffled Parmesan Seasoning Blend.

AllSpice owner, Rory Brown, fills you in on the story:

“It was a regular Thursday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, on January 21, when we received an online order for our Truffled Parmesan Rub. Pretty normal, right?  But then, another order for the rub came in.  And another one.  Followed in quick succession by about 9 more.  All online orders, all asking for the same thing – our Truffled Parmesan Rub. ”

[AllSpicer Eva jumps in on telling the story at this moment: “Rory got a smartwatch recently. It taps him on the wrist whenever we an order comes in to our online store. Apparently, he was getting tapped every couple minutes with yet another order! I was working in the back room when Rory poked his head in, looking really concerned, and asked if I had any idea why we were being inundated by orders for Truffled Parmesan. Of course, I was mystified, too!”]

This is the woman, SkinnyMeg, who started an AllSpice Truffled Parmesan stampede.

Rory continues, “We had to know what prompted that kind of flurry of interest in the matter of just a few short hours, so we started digging around.  We traced the action back the Instagram account of someone named SkinnyMeg.  (*You should check her out.)

“So, we sent her a quick email to thank her for mentioning us, and to let her know we were glad she enjoyed the product.

The Instagram post that started the whole flurry of Truffled Parmesan mania.

“Then, the following Tuesday, Megan (aka SkinnyMeg) mentioned us on her Periscope account. Periscope is a live-streaming video social media site. On the video, she talked about how she loved another brand of Truffled Parmesan, from another store, and how frustrated she was when it was no longer available… And how glad she was to find AllSpice carried its own Truffled Parmesan blend.

“Little did we know that she has such a sizeable — and dedicated — following!  We were certainly surprised by the number of orders that poured in, which took the remainder of that day (and all of the remaining Truffled Parmesan we had on hand) to fulfill.

“We got more Truffled Parmesan in the very next day – a lot more product.  Aaaaaaand,  then we sold out of it AGAIN in less than 24 hours.  Twenty-four hours!  No need to worry, though: we’re all stocked up and back in action now, and we have plenty of Truffled Parmesan on hand.”

SkinnyMeg’s Parmesan Truffle Potato Curly Fries

At any rate, you’re probably interested in what on earth Megan / SkinnyMeg (and all of her loyal subscribers) are doing with all that Truffled Parmesan. She says she uses it to make her favorite chicken recipe:

She pounds a chicken breast to 1/2 inch thick, sprays it with coconut oil (*however we would suggest a single-varietal olive oils), and then she sprinkles the Truffled Parmesan rub on the top of the chicken.  She cooks the chicken in a skillet letting it cook through without turning it over.  We have also heard her talk about putting it on a bed of cooked cauliflower and making baked potato chips in the oven.   [An aside: she has a killer recipe for Parmesan Truffle Potato Curly Fries, pictured, yowsa.]

Meg’s story is that she was able to lose weight through diet and exercise. She likes to share the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of her journey with others.  So where does AllSpice fit in to this story? Meg likes to use spices, herbs and all kinds of rubs and blends to flavor her food, without adding a bunch of calories to what she is eating.

Her approach parallels that of numerous weight loss centers around town: they tell their customers to come to AllSpice and try some of our gourmet oils, balsamic vinegars, and choose some herbs and spices to help them improve the flavor of their food.

We always love to hear when people recommend us to their friends, co-workers, clients and patients.  And we enjoy helping those individuals discover how delicious low calorie or low sodium cooking can be with the addition of great herbs, spices, oils and vinegars.

Give the truffled parmesan rub a try if you haven’t, and let us know which products are your favorites!