All That August Has To Offer

Rory_Amy_State_FairAugust: It typically has the hottest weather of the whole summer. The Iowa State Fair. Back-to-school. Delicious locally-grown tomatoes (after the crazy weather we’ve been having, we can only hope!).

But for foodie types, August is also

  • National Peach Month
  • National Sandwich Month (as well as National Panini Month)
  • National Catfish Month
  • and National Brownies at Brunch Month.

There are a number of delicious (and at least one silly-bordering-on-obscene*) food holidays in August:

August 3: National Watermelon Day, and also (*) Grab Some Nuts Day. Yes, that’s actually a real thing. We’re going to celebrate with some of these nut recipes.  No, we won’t be grabbing any other nuts. Gee whiz, who’s still got an adolescent sense of humor?

August 4: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Chef Amy is going to be sharing one of her favorites, (dairy-free) Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnut Oil as one of the Saturday Samples this week. We also like Chocolate Chip Cookies with Blood Orange Olive Oil, Cacao Nib Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Peanut Butter and Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Of course, if you’re something of a purist, plain old Toll House Cookies are also divine.

August 5: National Waffle Day (although National Waffle *Week* isn’t until September).


August 6: Gearing up for the food frenzy that is the Iowa State Fair, celebrate National Root Beer Float Day. Try one with our Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

August 8: National Zucchini Day. We’ve got a list of zucchini recipes right here.

August 10: Double your pleasure, double your fun with two big food holidays, National Banana Split Day *and* National S’Mores Day. YUM.

August 11: National Raspberry Tart Day (will have to perfect a recipe for this one).

August 12: Julienne Fries Day — you can probably celebrate this a dozen ways at the State Fair, which runs this year (I think) August 8-18.

August 13: National Filet Mignon Day. Our Filet Mignon recipe comes with a Green Peppercorn Cream Sauce. It’s so good, you’ll slap your mama.

August 14: National Creamsicle Day, which is fitting since mid-August tends to be really hot. Our suggestion is that you try our young(12 year-old) friend Louise’s favorite “Creamsicle Vinaigrette” — she combines Vanilla Balsamic Vinegar with some Blood Orange Olive Oil.  We figure, if it gets seventh graders to eat mustard greens and arugula, it’s okay with us!

August 15: Julia Child’s birthday. Fix yourself something delicious, then watch this oldie-but-goodie sendup of The French Chef from 1978.  It’s also Lemon Meringue Pie Day; we like playwright Tennessee Williams’ favorite Lemon Icebox Pie.


August 16: Another day of double food-holiday prizes: Bratwurst Day *and* National Rum Day.

August 19: The double delicious days just keep on coming, this time with Potato Day (our far-ranging potato recipes here), and Hot and Spicy Food Day (we have a ton of recipes like this, but here’s a compilation of especially spicy ones).

August 20: Lemonade Day (How about a Lemon Hibiscus Tonic?) *and* National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day (Dark Chocolate Pie With Cacao Nib Praline, anyone? Yes, I believe I will have some.).

August 22: Eat a Peach Day – we recommend fresh (or maybe even grilled) peaches with a splash or a reduction of Peach White Balsamic Vinegar.

August 25: Whiskey Sour Day

August 27: National Pots de Creme Day *and* Banana Lovers’ Day.  For the latter we recommend Banana Bread with Cacao Nibs, or old-school “fancy” dessert, Bananas Foster.

August 29: The curious, but probably hypertensive-friendly More Herbs, Less Salt Day.

August 30: Never mind that we just celebrated National S’Mores Day a couple weeks ago, today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day.

August 31: National Trail Mix Day.