AllSpice, All Around Town

AllSpice_Pantry_at_The_Cheese_Shop_DSMWe recently got this great photo from Chef Julie Fleming Henningsen, who was reorganizing the spice pantry at The Cheese Shop of Des Moines.

Don’t you love how she stores the spices and herbs in repurposed canning jars? The nice thing about jelly jars is that they come in lots of different sizes, but “match” one another nonetheless. And for those ingredients that you use in substantial quantities (looks like they use a lot of sesame seeds, mustard, cumin, and oregano in Julie’s photo, YUM), you can “size up” to a great big jar.

And the picture reminds me… Here’s a secret tip, if you hadn’t already figured this out: the labels on our refill bags are pretty easy to peel off, and re-stick to the container of your choice. Like repurposed jelly jars.

How do you keep your herbs and spices?