AllSpice Staff ‘Mixologist’ Denise Hangs Up Her Apron

allspice-deniseIt’s with a strange mix of heavy heart and loving gratitude that we wish original AllSpice staffer and resident “mixologist” Denise a happy retirement.

Denise’s involvement in the store dates all the way back to the days when AllSpice was just a wild idea in founder Alexander Rhoads’ imagination. Denise and Alex had met through a foodie book club they both participated in.

When Alex shared with the book group his idea of opening the store, Denise was on board from the get go.  She rolled up her sleeves and got to work, helping with the initial setup (assembling furniture and displays), filling countless jars and bottles, and working to help customers realize their culinary dreams.

AllSpice owner Rory says, “Denise’s love of food and of feeding people definitely came through whenever she helped customers. She’d come up with the perfect mix of ingredients for dinner or a special event, or devise a delicious pairing of oil and vinegar to dress a salad* or advise which products were the ideal ones to marinate with.”

Denise was even famous on Yelp, as AllSpice shoppers’ comments often refer to “that lady with the British accent.”

allspice-denise-amyRetiring, but not (ever) shy. Denise recently decided it was time to “hang up her apron” after realizing how much she enjoyed being able to be on-the-go, attending t-ball/soccer games, watching grandchildren, etc. without having to worry about the confines of a work schedule.

AllSpice manager Amy says, “Denise has been an integral part of creating the knowledgeable, helpful and good-humored atmosphere at AllSpice.  Of course we’ll miss her and her sarcasm – AND her lilting British accent!

She continues, “While we’re sad Denise is retiring, it’s fantastic that she’ll be able to spend more time with her family and friends. I know she’ll enjoy playing tennis and pampering her dogs to her heart’s content.”

We will miss Denise’s quick wit, infectious laugh, love of everything food, and baked goodies.

All of us here wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her in the shop and around town.