… and an extra-special AllSpice thank-you goes to …

allspice-anniversary-party-food-too-brian-ryerson… AllSpice staffer Ms. Jocelyn Stanton,  for making the wonderful food for the AllSpice Anniversary event last Friday.

We asked AllSpice owner, Rory Brown, what seemed to be the most popular dishes at the bash. He said the guests especially went for:

  • The Cuban pork with pineapple salsa on the plantain chip.
  • The mushroom paté
  • The lavender goat cheese, cheesecakes with ginger snap crusts.
  • The eggplant tagine with the Harissa oil

but made note that the entire spread, with recipes created *and* cooked by Jocelyn, was extraordinary.

Rory also says to let everyone know, if people want to come chat with Jocelyn about the dishes she made for the party, she’s at AllSpice on Monday and Friday mornings. Stop in and say hi!