Back to School

Back to school season is upon us, and the first few weeks of settling in to a new schedule are always busy and exhausting for everyone.


We’re on board with the make-ahead egg bite trend. Preparing a quick breakfast for the entire week all at once is a huge time saver, and our recipe for Good Morning Sausage Egg Bites doesn’t sacrifice taste for time. The Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend adds a flavorful, herby element without added sugar.

This recipe is easy to tweak so the flavors are not the same from week to week. Try replacing the sausage with cubed ham, experimenting with different cheeses, and adding other tasty herb blends in place of the sausage seasoning (we recommend Bouquet Garni or Five Onion Dip Seasoning.

Serve them right away, keep them in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, or freeze for up to 2 weeks.

Lunch & Dinner

The slow cooker is your friend all year round – not just during the winter! Two of our favorite slow cooker recipes are Anna’s Slow Cooker Chile-Coffee Chicken and Balsamic Honey Pork Sliders.

The Chile-Coffee Chicken is an awesome filling for tacos and burritos, and also makes a tasty pulled chicken sandwich. And the sliders are awesome – just grab a bun.  Both of these recipes reheat well too.


We like a snack so simple a recipe isn’t required. Here are a few tasty and quick-to-toss-together options for satisfying the mid-afternoon snack attack:

Salsa Verde Quesadilla: Place a flour tortilla in a pan. Top half of it with shredded cheese. Sprinkle lightly with our Salsa Verde Seasoning. Fold the other half of the tortilla over and cook until the cheese is melted. Give it a flip half-way through cooking.

Avocado Toast: Pop a few slices of bread in the toaster. Peel and mash or slice an avocado. When the toast is done, top with the avocado. Lightly drizzle with your favorite flavored olive oil (our favorites are Harissa Infused Olive Oil and Hickory Smoke Infused Olive Oil. Finish with a pinch of Everything Bagel Seasoning and enjoy.

Sliced Apples & Caramel Sugar: Slice an apple. Dust with our Caramel Sugar. Eat!


What are your favorite time saving recipes? Share them with us in the comments.