Being “Green” at AllSpice

A customer sent a comment to us recently that we’re responding to here so everyone can learn about how AllSpice tries to be earth-friendly whenever possible.

Here’s the comment:

“[E]veryone is going green and recycling. What about having customers bring in their used spice containers and refill them – give them a discount for bringing in the container. I just finished off a jar of smokey whole peppercorns. I will be in soon to purchase more. My son actually came up with the idea of having the jar refilled and saving the environment. Just a thought.”

And here’s our response:

First, congratulations to your son for a great idea!  You can tell him that we already do just that – offer refills on all of our products, including your smoky peppercorns. Next time you’re in the store, just look for the small bags in the mesh bins that are marked “1/2 Cup Refill Bag.” Those bags not only contain the same amount of your favorite herb, spice, salt or pepper as our 1/2 cup glass jar, but the price is a bit lower, too! So just grab a “1/2 Cup Refill Bag,” take it home, and refill your original Smoky Whole Peppercorn jar.

While we’re on the subject of “being green”, here are some other ways that we try to be earth-friendly at AllSpice every day:

  • In addition to our 1/2 Cup Refill Bag, we offer a $1.00 per bottle refill discount on every regular-size bottle (375 ml/12.7 oz) bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar we carry! Just wash your bottle out at home and bring it back in. What’s more you, you can choose to get the same oil or balsamic again or go ahead and try something new.  We’ll put a new label on your bottle, a new cork, a new capsule and off you go! Because we love doing refills, there’s no limit on how many you can bring in at once or how often you come back.
  • Our mail-order packaging is also “green.” Not only do we exclusively use cardboard and paper products for shipping or re-use biodegradable peanuts (no nasty, blow-all-over-the-place pink plastic peanuts from us), we actually re-use many of the boxes that we receive from our suppliers.
  • We’re finalizing a corrugated cardboard replacement to the foam plastic bottle holders used when we ship olive oil and balsamic bottles. Our new corrugated shipper will itself be made from recycled post-consumer waste paper, too!
  • Our 1/2 cup and 1/4 cup jars are glass, so they can be easily recycled.

These are some of the ways we try to be “green” at AllSpice. So the next time you come in for your smoked peppercorns, grab a refill bag and re-use your original jar. We’ll even give you a new label if it needs sprucing up!