Bloody Mary Kit: for a ‘bloody amazing’ brunch beverage

bloodymary-kitWhat elevates a weekend brunch from really good to “bloody amazing?” A bracing breakfast beverage, for starters.

Want to up your brunch game? Start with the new AllSpice Bloody Mary kit: a zesty collection of spices, salts, and peppers, and a bottle of Hellraising Hot Sauce guaranteed to punch up your Bloody Mary.

Our Bloody Mary kit includes jars of Celery Salt, Smoked Black Pepper, Sriracha Sea Salt, and Worcestershire Powder. We add a Hellraising Hot Sauce to round out this wonderful gift pack.

Kit also includes a recipe card, with instructions for making our favorite Bloody Mary.

A word of warning, though: our zesty Bloody Mary recipe will make all others seem tame in comparison. But never fear! The AllSpice Bloody Mary kit ($20) also makes an excellent host/ess gift, making it easy for you to pass along the secret to making the very best brunch beverage.