Brace Yourselves: Summer Is Coming

summer_is_coming__by_naomi89If the throngs of un-schooled kids roaming the neighborhood were not a big enough clue, ninety-five degree temps on Tuesday were surely the hint you needed: summer is coming.

Brace yourselves.

We asked AllSpicer Anna (pictured) about her go-to treats for these hot summer days.

Alessandra_Easter_Brunch_Anna_Blowtorch_TartAnna says: “Something I can’t live with out at the moment?  First: Lavender flowers. I’m currently sipping on some Lavender Lemonade, and it just tastes like spring!”

She continues: “From scones to sugar cookies, the light floral flavor of the lavender adds just enough uniqueness without overpowering your original dish.”

“As a dedicated Game Of Thrones fan, I feel the need to mention that it make Sansa’s favorite Lemon Cakes are even better when topped with Lavender Flowers. Also, it’s a great all-natural sleep aid. Just mix a spoonful into some hot water, and sip!”

Used on its own, Lavender Flowers may be called for in sauces, wines, teas and tinctures, and to flavor cookies, pound cakes, custards, mousses and even ice cream. Lavender flowers pair well with chocolate, and they’re sometimes coupled with sheep’s-milk and goat’s-milk cheeses (think Manchego, feta, chèvre, Robiola, etc).

Lavender is delicious rubbed on fowl prior to roasting. Sprinkle lavender flowers over frosted sugar cookies or butter cream iced white cakes for a sophisticated touch. Lavender imparts a delicate flavor to vinaigrette salad dressings and light marinades. In your cooking, use lavender flowers sparingly. A little lavender goes a long way!

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Sean Bean illustration credit.