National Brisket Day is here!

Today is National Brisket Day in the U.S. And whether we’re talking about burnt ends, corned beef or pot roast, we’re here for it!

Brisket is one of the primal cuts of beef. It comes from the cow’s breast in the lower chest area and is worked hard – it supports more than half of the cow’s weight. The resulting cut of beef is low in fat, so it’s important to cook correctly, otherwise it can turn out quite tough. Low and slow is best, and for that reason we recommend braising then slow roasting or it, popping it in the smoker for best results.


Tougher meats typically make for a better roast, and for that reason, brisket is a cut of meat we like to use when making a pot roast. To prepare, first braise your brisket in olive oil (or for a twist, try a dark beer). Brown all sides. Place the braised brisket into a slow cooker and add beef broth to cover about half of the roast. Add quartered potatoes, peeled carrots, and turnips along with a few favorite spices. We like ground pepper, thyme, a bit of parsley, and a bay leaf (for a shortcut, use our New York Steak & Burger Seasoning). Cook for 6-8 hours on medium, then enjoy!


Smoking is our favorite way to prepare brisket it, since it gives us the opportunity to use our favorite rubs and enjoy a bit of Jones Bar-B-Q Sauce. Prepare your smoker by heating it to around 250 degrees. Use a water pan throughout the cooking process to help keep the brisket from drying out.  Prepare your brisket by coating your beef liberally with the rub or spice blend of your choice. Our favorites from the shop include Espresso Rub, Basque Seasoning, Rotisserie Rub and Mo’Rub (you can find them all in our Butt Over Brisket gift set).

Load into your prepared smoker, fat side down with the thickest end of the brisket closest to the heat source. Smoke until the internal temperature is around 170 degrees. Remove the meat from the smoker, wrap in foil and put back in the smoker until the meat reaches a temperature of 200 degrees.  Let rest for at least an hour so the juices are reabsorbed.

Make sure you have plenty of time – it’s an all day event!


What is your favorite way to prepare a brisket? Let us know in the comments below!