Calling all Coffee Lovers

This week we welcomed a long-requested product to the AllSpice shelves – our new Espresso Powder!

We love our espresso with dessert, so why not try a little espresso in our dessert? Our Espresso Powder is made from darkly roasting Brazilian coffee beans, then grinding the beans into a fine powder. It’s much more concentrated than instant coffee, so you’ll need less of it to impart a rich coffee flavor into your culinary creations.

Espresso powder pairs wonderfully with chocolate. Try adding a teaspoon to your chocolate cookie, cake, and frosting recipes for a dark and rich coffee-flavored kick. Don’t stop with dessert! It’s also great in meringues, BBQ sauces, and rubs and spice blends for beef.

Need some inspiration? Check out these recipes from the AllSpice recipe library which can be easily elevated by adding a teaspoon or two of Espresso Powder:

Bon appétit!