Celebrate Sweet Corn Season With a Sweet Corn Feed At AllSpice This Saturday, July 16

Self-Magazine_SummerSideDishes-CornOnCobThe sweet corn is here! The sweet corn is here! The sweet corn is here!

Summer is not truly summer until you can have freshly-cooked corn on the cob with your supper. (Better still if that corn comes from a farm stand and it was picked earlier that day).

To celebrate the arrival of sweet corn season, AllSpice is hosting a sweet corn feed on Saturday, July 16.  Come down to enjoy one of the greatest joys Iowa has to offer in the summer:  Sweet corn with a little Butter Olive Oil, and dressed up with one of our tasty signature spice blends.

Rory_grillingAllSpice owner Rory Brown says: “This weekend, we will be setting up a little seasoning bar including some of our favorite blends, salts, and spices to kick up your fresh corn. Here are some of the things that we like to use when we cook up corn on the cob at home:

“Keep it simple and just drizzle that hot, fresh corn with butter, lime, or gremolata olive oils.

“You’ve got to check out our gourmet salts. Corn is a great backdrop for the flavors of  lime fresco salt, ghost pepper salt, toasted onion salt, or hickory smoked sea salt.

“Among our Rubs and Blends, I love all kinds of summer vegetables seasoned with Cape Cod, Fajita, Sonoma Seasoning, NY Steak & Burger, Thai Rub, and chili powder just to name a few.

“Experiment with the bolder flavors of a single ingredient from our Spice section, like our smoked paprika, cumin, coriander, roasted garlic powder.

“And of course, you’ve got all sorts of ideas of your own – you should really mix up your own unique spice blend to suit your taste. ”

(continued below)VegCornPerhaps you can pick up some sweet corn at the Downtown Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning before you pop down to the store for some corn and some corn-cooking inspiration!

To keep you entertained until then, here are some dumb (one might even say corny) corn jokes:

What did the corn say when someone paid him a compliment?
  Aw, shucks!

What do you tell a vegetable when it graduates from college?

How is an ear of corn like the army?
  It has a lot of “kernels.”

What’s another word for the Iowa State Fair?
  It’s a corn-ival.

See you on Saturday for sweet corn – and corny jokes – we’ll be dishing up both on July 16 from 10 am – 5 pm!

Photo credits: corn on the cob in a skillet
corn on the cob (USDA)