Chef Amy’s Next Great Adventure

Staff_Profile_AmyWe’ve got exciting news about AllSpice Manager, Chef Amy.

It’s exciting news that, for the rest of us, is also kind of sad news.

Our Chef Amy is leaving AllSpice — she’s leaving the country, actually — and heading off soon on a big adventure.

What’s going on? “The short version is that my husband, AJ, was offered a position with Amazon EU. We felt that while we love our lives in Des Moines, the opportunity to live abroad shouldn’t be passed up! So, we have put our house on the market and are set to move later this month (Anyone looking to buy in Altoona?! Eh?).”

Where are you moving? “We’re moving to Luxembourg City, which is (no surprise) the capital of Luxembourg.”

Luxembourg-mapLuxembourg? “Luxembourg is an itty bitty country, only spanning 30 x 50 miles and sandwiched in between Belgium, France and Germany. Luxembourg City has just over 100,000 residents, 40% of whom are foreign (And now add 2 more!). The entire country itself has just over a half million residents.”

What will you be doing in while you live in Luxembourg? “I don’t have a position lined up yet, but I will seek work when I get there. Conveniently, Luxembourg City, has more Michelin Star restaurants per capita than any other city – so, as far as cuisine is involved, I’m feeling like I’ll be in good hands!

Cuisine-de-Luxembourg-JuddMatGaardebounen_Beer“Speaking little-to-no Luxembourgish, French, or German (which are the three languages spoken there), we will be relying on friendly people and elaborate hand gestures while we try to learn a little French. AJ’s new job is an indefinite position, so we are looking forward to embracing it as our new home, and accepting many visitors! ”

When will all this happen? “Our last days with our current employers will be January 15th. I hope I’ll get to visit with lots of my AllSpice customers before then.”

amyAJrunHow does it feel to be making such a big change? “It hardly feels real. I think it still has to sink in that we’re moving. It’s been a blast working for a locally-owned company, and one that has seen such success and growth over the last five years while I’ve been at AllSpice.

“I feel pretty lucky to have been a part of the Des Moines food and retail community. I’m sure AllSpice will be the benchmark to which I measure all future career opportunities.

We’re going to miss you so much! “Don’t worry – I’ll be in touch when I find my new neighborhood spice store in Europe!”