Chili, Texas-style

Everyone knows what chili is: loosely defined, chili is a spicy stew of chiles and other spices, meat (usually beef), and often also beans and tomatoes. For many of us here in the upper Midwest, homemade chili also includes lots of garlic, sauteed onions, bell peppers and cumin.

Chili recipes vary widely, however, by region (and even by household) as to the exact ingredients, and appropriate proportions of seasonings.

For Texas-style chili (or just plain “chili,” if you’re a native Texan), the required ingredients are:

  • beef chunks (stew meat or roast, not ground beef)
  • garlic and chiles (onion is debatable, some want it only for a garnish)
  • masa harina or cornmeal to thicken the sauce
  • few or no tomatoes
  • and NO BEANS (a shocking omission to this northern chili lover)

AllSpice’s Texas Chili Seasoning follows the Lone Star chili guidelines, and blends New Mexico and Ancho chiles with garlic, paprika, bell pepper, corn masa flour and colorful carrot powder.

Texas Chili Seasoning lends a mild heat and slightly smoky aroma to everything from crunchy snack mixes to smooth dips and sauces, and, of course, is just what you need to make an authentic “bowl of red.”

We promise not to tattle if you make “inauthentic” Texas chili, and add some sauteed onions and beans to your delicious creation, either. Especially if you invite us over to share a bowl with you.

AllSpice Texas Chili Seasoning is $5.40 for the 1/2 Cup jar.