Coming Soon: SuperBowl XI and the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

Super_Bowl_LI_nfl-on-locationThis weekend marks the second-biggest day for food consumption, and *the* biggest single-day consumption of snack foods in America. That’s right, this Sunday is the Super Bowl. The average Super Bowl watcher consumes about 1,200 calories [and 50 grams of fat, yum] during the game.

Clam Chowder vs. Fried Chicken? In this, its fifty-first year, the Super Bowl sees the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons. If you like to look at sporting events, as we do, as great opportunities to serve themed snacks, the hometowns competing in the championship game offer some yummy menu ideas:

For the Atlanta side of the Super Bowl buffet, try:

The New England smorgasbord might include:

We have collected a bunch of our favorite foods for tv-watching (if you don’t try them all for your Super Bowl party, remember that your Oscars-watching party is coming soon) here at this link.

BACONFestXIf the excitement of the snacks at your Super Bowl bash are not enough to feed your appetite for party food, remember that the annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest is coming up later this month, on Saturday, February 18.

For the 10th anniversary celebration of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, the theme is country western: “Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival X: The Good, The Bad, & The Bacon”. Show promoters say: “This adult-only extravaganza will explore the camaraderie, food and educational aspects of nature’s most amazing creation: BACON!”

Ticket holders can sample all sorts of bacon-based foods and beverages. A “Bacon Queen” is crowned at the fest, there are all manner of Bacon Educational Lectures (?), and there will be also (??) plenty of Bacon Fellowship.” You’ve got to be 21 or older to attend, and tickets are available via the Bacon Festival site (link above).

Super Bowl football credit: NFL on Location
Bacon Festival image: Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival