Cookbook answers the question, ‘What else can I make with that ingredient?’

AsOldAsTime-coverWhat else can I make with that ingredient?

Have you received some of our flavored olive oils as a gift?

Are you on a “healthier eating” kick, and want help getting off to a good start (or get ideas for maintaining good habits)?

Perhaps you chose a special balsamic vinegar to make one special recipe, and are looking for other uses for that new ingredient.

Maybe you just want to create some new dressings for warm-weather salads, but need some ideas of which balsamics and oils pair best together.

We’ve got a new cookbook for sale in the shop, As Old As Time, that will give you answers and solutions to all those puzzles.

Publishers describe Michelle Castellano Senac’s book as

“a culinary odyssey into the world of pure and flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Make healthy and delicious foods a part of your life with 65 full-flavored recipes, along with simple variations for even more menu options. Learn about the power of these ancient foods that are as relevant today as they have been throughout the ages.”

The As Old As Time cookbook was developed specially for Veronica Foods Oils and Vinegars, the company that supplies our exclusive balsamics and oils, so the recipes and recommendations speak to the specific gourmet ingredients we offer here at AllSpice.

Our own Chef Amy says that “the book has great information on the oil and balsamic, pairing ideas. [This] would make for a great addition to a gift of an oil/balsamic pairing.”

As Old As Time is available here in the shop for $24.95.