Don’t Look Back!

The second album from the band Boston (and the first single from that album), “Don’t Look Back”

In the previous post, we used a lyric by Seattle band Nirvana to give us a theme to riff on, while talking about Super Bowl parties. (Just to clarify, Seattle’s NFL team, the Seahawks, are vying for the football championship this weekend, after winning the Super Bowl last year).

To be fair, we must also let the New England Patriots have their due. Based in Boston, the Patriots have been to the Super Bowl three times in the last decade — but have lost the last two times they played in the big game.

Perhaps it would be for the best, then, that the team not dwell on their past as they look ahead to this weekend’s championship. We urge that they (yes, you guessed it) don’t look back.  (Boston’s “Don’t Look Back”? You know we had to say it.)

We encourage you to do the same. Don’t look back at trusted-but-tired sweet recipes you’ve used before.

Epic wasn’t just the name of their record label. It was an apt descriptor for the success of this album.

Instead of  making your usual dessert treat, or (gasp) buying store-bought cookies, or grabbing a ready-made Costco cake to share this Sunday, why not try a new dessert recipe or an innovative cookie recipe from the AllSpice recipe database?

Here are just a few of the recent yummies we have added to our collection:

There are many more desserts to choose from in the AllSpice recipe database. We hope you’ll try a few new ones, and that they’ll soon become your favorites!