Easter Brunch, on Tuesday Night! (and how you can try this at home)

Alessandra_Easter_Brunch_Andy_HamBy all accounts, this week’s Easter Brunch class was a big hit, for participants and teachers alike!

We joined the namesake owner of Cooking With Alessandra for a Tuesday evening class, making a range of delicious dishes that are perfect for a springtime weekend brunch!

Here’s the Easter Brunch menu (and photos, below):

We also served up some tangy Balsamic Mimosas. Here’s the “recipe:”

  1. Pour some bubbly (champagne, or sparkling wine or juice) into a tall flute.
  2. Add a splash (up to 1 Tbsp) of your favorite Balsamic.
  3. Serve. Sip. Enjoy.

We recommend you try any fruity balsamic, but we especially like Peach Balsamic, and Raspberry Balsamic, or even Traditional Balsamic Vinegar for a more savory Balsamic Mimosa.