Fair Game: AllSpice’s 2015 Iowa State Fair Contests Revealed!

Rory_Amy_State_FairFriends! Iowans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears!

Or at least lend us your signature recipes:that’s right, it’s time once again to start thinking about what you’re going to enter in the AllSpice food contests at the 2015 Iowa State Fair.

We come to taste your recipes, not just praise them. We’ve been sponsoring Iowa State Fair food contests, every summer since 2011. These annual competitions give us a better picture of how you cook with AllSpice ingredients, and give you an opportunity to showcase your most imaginative cookies, your most chocolate-y snack mix, your smoothest ice cream, best rub or marinade, spiciest chili, or tastiest dip.

Every year, our customers come up with the most imaginative, delicious recipes.

JWBooths_Julius_Caesar_1864Great Caesar’s ghost!

There are so many AllSpice State Fair contest categories this year:

AllSpice Cookie Contest:
Adult Contests:
Frosted Cookie
Olive Oil Cookie
Spiced Cookie

Kid’s Cookie Contest (no subdivisions)
Kid and grown-up cookie contest rules
(judging 11 am, August 12)

AllSpice Ice Cream Contest:
Olive Oil Ice Cream
Spiced-Flavored Ice Cream
Ice Cream contest rules
(judging 3:30 pm, August 17)

AllSpice Snack Mix Contest:
Chocolate Snack Mix
Salty Snack Mix
Sweet ‘n Salty Snack Mix
Snack Mix contest rules
(judging 2 pm, August 17)

AllSpice Rub and Marinade Contest:
Beef Rub
Chicken Rub
Pork Rub
Rub and Marinade contest rules
(judging 2:30 pm, August 18)

FineCookingCom_ChiliALL NEW contest categories for 2015:

AllSpice Party Dip Contest:
Cold Dip
Hot Dip
Party Dip contest rules
(judging 11 am, August 18)

AllSpice Chili Contest:
Chili contest rules
(judging Aug 14, 11:30 am)

All contest recipe entries must include an AllSpice product, with proof of purchase. (You clearly wouldn’t use an off-brand ingredient when making your prize-winning contest entry, right? Of course right.)

Deadlines, details, and how to enter.  All the food contests at the Iowa State Fair, and the State Fair rules, are in this handy official online booklet.*  You can enter as many contests as you like, but there is only one entry, per household, per contest (so you and your partner will have to decide whose cookie recipe gets to compete this year). Entry deadline is July 1, and you can enter online at iowastatefairentry.org.

For more information about these and all categories (food and otherwise) of contests, click through to the 2015 Iowa State Fair website. We’ve got more information and instructions about the individual contests (also linked above), along with previous years’ award-winning recipes, elsewhere on the AllSpice blog.


*Handy tip for navigating the big State Fair Food Contest booklet: if you type command + F (“find”) and type in AllSpice, it’ll take you right to the AllSpice food contest listings. Click on next, or the down arrow- ∨ -to proceed to the next AllSpice contest listing. It makes things easier to find in the comprehensive (66 page!) food contest booklet.