Father’s Day, By the Numbers

dad_vintage_barbecueFather’s Day is this Sunday, June 15. How will you be spending the day?

Four score and ten years ago… President Calvin Coolidge first suggested a nationwide celebration of Father’s Day in 1924,  and in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson set the date for Father’s Day, each year on the third Sunday of June. But Father’s Day wasn’t made a permanent national holiday until Richard Nixon did so, in 1972. (As a point of comparison, we began the official US observance of Mothers’ Day in 1914. Dads had to wait it out for a generation or two.)

Here a dad, there a dad, everywhere a dad-dad. Drawing from data gathered in the 2010 US Census, there are a whopping 152 million males in the United States. Of these, about 46% (or 70 million) are fathers. Among those dads, 24.4 million fathers are part of “married-couple” families with children younger than 18 (in 2012).

That’s a lot of neckties, screwdrivers, and grilling tools. E-I-E-I-O.

fathers-day-daddy-oWhen You Care Enough To Send …. a Card. Card-makers at Hallmark recognize Father’s Day as the 4th-biggest holiday for sending cards (behind, you guessed it, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day). 110 million cards are given for Father’s Day, only half of which are given to dads by their sons and daughters.

Wondering who else gives Father’s Day cards, if not the father’s own children? Twenty percent of Father’s Day cards are are given by wives, and the remaining 30% are given by relatives or friends to someone who is a father (but happens to just not be their own).

The best-selling Father’s Day card type is the “to dad from your daughter” card. You fellas better stop slacking in the card department. There are plenty to choose from: Hallmark alone produces over 800 different card designs, just for Father’s Day.

Best-selling Father’s Day Gifts.  Among the top presents purchased for fathers by women (daughters, wives and otherwise) are tools (52% of women think that’s what dads want to receive), tickets to sporting events (51% of women think this would be a dandy gift), and the aforementioned Father’s Day card (about 26 % of shoppers over-all).

mens_necktiesWhat Men Really Want.  (Hint: it’s not a necktie, hammer, or baseball tickets). While many Father’s Day gift-givers opt for the traditional presents mentioned above, those thoughtful gifts don’t really square up with fathers’ preferences.

Little-known fact: according to Ebates.com’s annual Father’s Day shopping survey, the Father’s Day present men actually want most is a gift card to their favorite store. Tools are a distant fourth on Dad’s wish list.  And despite their deep and abiding love for baseball, only 19% of men would actually want to receive that gift, placing it fifth on their list.

Dad also has a sentimental side: according to survey results at the strangely-named site, CreditDonkey, 24.7% of fathers they surveyed said they are hoping to receive something homemade this year, but sadly, only 15% of all the respondents said they plan to give their dads something hand-crafted (and heartfelt).

Dads’ top three choices for Father’s Day gifts?

  1. Gift cards (31.2%),
  2. Dinner (24.7%),
  3. and electronics (29%).

Only 14% of the fathers surveyed want to receive a greeting card.

Fathers_Day_Gift_BasketsSo what’s a Father’s Day gift-giver to do? Well, you can head down to AllSpice, for starters.

  1. We can hook you up with an AllSpice gift card (no doubt Dad’s favorite store), checking off his number-one request.
  2. Stock up on ingredients to make Dad his favorite dinner (his number-two request, along with the additional wish for something homemade). Check out our recipe database for ideas and inspiration!
  3. Build Dad a one-of-a-kind gift basket filled with his favorite culinary treats. We have a limited number of enameled grill pans (see photo) available to fill with rubs and blends and marinade-making olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Or Chef Amy says to bring your own gift “container” and let us help you craft a custom care package.

Still stumped? Check out our extensive collection of ready-made gift boxes and bags, salt and pepper mills and cellars, cruets, and clever aprons.

AllSpice staffers are standing by, ready to help you make this a Father’s Day that defies tradition, and hits the spot!

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