Feast Mode: Engage!

Turkey-fixinsYou don’t need a potion to work your magic.

Your superpower did not result from an awful accident in the laboratory.

The shocking transformation does not require a full moon.

A handy can of spinach (canned spinach?!? ugh) can’t account for your amazing strength, either.

All that is required, to change you into a fierce culinary ninja is the knowledge that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

The uniquely American, food-centered holiday is happening tomorrow? By golly, it’s time to shift into FEAST MODE.

side-dish-fixinsWhen you’re in FEAST MODE, you are invincible. No menu is too extensive, no recipe is too complex, and it’s for certain that you have all the time you need to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table at the appointed time on Thursday.

You’ve got it all under control. Because you’re in FEAST MODE.

Toward that end, we have to ask: are you ready for FEAST MODE?

Check your Thanksgiving to-do list one last time today. Have you got everything to make the turkey and all those side dishes? No?

Then come see us at AllSpice. We’re open Wednesday 10 am – 6pm.* Whether you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your Thanksgiving host or hostess, or that hard-to-find ingredient to complete your signature dish, we’ve got it covered.

And you’ve got it covered, too. Because you are a glorious, unstoppable force of nature. You are in FEAST MODE.


Shatner_turkeyAnd, just because we love you, and care about your safety and well-being, don’t forget these tidbits of Thanksgiving wisdom:

  • Listen to William Shatner, and take care to thoroughly thaw the bird before you dip it into the deep fryer;
  • keep in mind that it will take 11 – 12 hours to thaw that 20+ lb beast in cold water before you can pop it in the oven;
  • if you’re traveling, you can actually take your frozen turkey through airport security as a carry-on (not carrion, ha ha ha ha…. ewwww what’s wrong with you people?) item. You still can’t bring your bottle of Templeton Rye along in your handbag, though.

Now: engage that FEAST MODE and get to work! Have a safe, delicious and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

*We’ll be closed November 23 for Thanksgiving. You may as well sleep in on Black Friday — we open at 10 am. Or hit the Friday sales, and then join us on November 25 for Small Business Saturday in the East Village. We promise, we’ll fill your nose (and shopping basket) with good smells, and your heart with happy holiday spirit.