Feel the Churn: Homemade Frozen Treats For Hot Summer Days

Hotter_Than_JulyWe may be getting a little ahead of ourselves; National Ice Cream month is officially celebrated in July. But right now, it’s “hotter than July,” (to coin a phrase from Stevie Wonder), so we’re going to get our ice cream on even though it’s still June.

Making homemade ice cream might seem like a big deal, but (for the most part) making delicious frozen treats is just a matter of 1) finding a good recipe, and 2) a little advance planning.

gameofcones1)  We’ve got all the good ice cream recipes right here, and there are three new ones featured in this week’s SpicyBytes e-newsletter.

2) And if forethought and planning are not one of your more admirable points, just do what we do: keep your ice cream maker’s cylinder in the freezer all summer long. It takes a good 24 hours to get the churning cylinder cold enough to quickly and efficiently freeze your ice cream. If the cylinder’s already frozen, a simple batch of sorbet will be ready in about half an hour!

Remember: you never know when you’ll find local strawberries on sale, and you’re going to need an emergency batch of strawberry ice cream. Scouts, you must be prepared.

Want to find out more? You’ll find eight handy tips for foolproof homemade ice cream at this link – and bonus info about making dairy-free “ice cream” right here.

What’s it all about, ice cream? Serve your friends some culinary knowledge along with your homemade frozen dessert, and explain the differences among ice creams, sorbets, sherbets, and granitas. That story is over here.