First Friday, Oktoberfest-style

OktoberfestThe kids are all back at school, so that means September is just around the corner — next Friday, to be exact.  We’ll be having an Oktoberfest theme for September’s first Friday, and AllSpice will stay open until 8pm.

Oktoberfest on September 1? We know, we know — having Oktoberfest on September 1 may seem a little premature. But when they do it in Munich (site of the biggest Oktoberfest in the world), Oktoberfest takes 16 – 18 days, and they serve 7.1 million liters of beer, and serve 119,000 pairs of sausages.  We’ve got to get an early start, if we’re going to even make a dent in that record number.

We’ll be serving these tasty treats this First Friday:

Can’t make it Friday evening? Stop by anytime Saturday, September 2, and we’ll celebrate Oktoberfest all over again, with yummy pretzels and homemade mustards and dips.


Photo credit: “Oktoberfest Dirndl” on Flickr