Flash Mob + Elegant Dining = FLASHDINE III

FlashdineDesMoinesFlashdine is a whimsical notion:

  1. Invite everyone you know to a bring-your-own-dinner dinner party. Ask them to invite their friends along.
  2. The location is secret; revealed only a few hours before the event.
  3. Institute a dress code: wear shorts and tees, or wear linen suits and ball gowns, but whatever you wear, your ensemble should be all white. (And your tablecloth/picnic blanket should be white, too, to complete the elegant tableau.)

That, in a nutshell, is Flashdine, Des Moines’ own version of Diner en Blanc (dinner in white), an elegant dining-meets flash mob event started in Paris twenty-five years ago.

The Des Moines edition of the “meticulously planned yet still spontaneous” dinner is relatively young — local farmer Larry Cleverley kicked off the tradition only a few years ago — but it’s already a favorite late-summer tradition for many Central Iowa foodies.

This year’s Flashdine event will be Sunday evening, September 1. The location is yet to be announced. If you want to be in the know about the “top secret” dinner site, join the event page on FaceBook. The page also has a helpful list of what to bring, if this is your first Flashdine expedition.

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P.S. We hear that there will be a prize awarded to the best-decorated picnic table. Get those candelabras and centerpieces ready, people!