Forbidden Fruit comes to AllSpice April 8

Hellraising_Hot_Sauce_Forbidden_FruitForbidden fruit: the unattainable object of desire. Plays hard-to-get.

But now it’s easy, and right within your grasp…

Previously available in Des Moines only as part of the AllSpice Hellraising Hot Sauce gift box ($28),  Forbidden Fruit hot sauce (pictured) is now also available to purchase separately.

For those who love that hint of sweet fruit behind the blistering heat of the Hellraising Sweet Suffering hot sauce (pineapple with habañero chile*), but prefer a sauce that’s a little less fiery, the new Hellraising Forbidden Fruit ($7/bottle) is just the thing. This milder not sauce pairs crisp apple flavor with a hint of cinnamon and sweet red jalapeño chiles.

Try it on a pork, chicken or barbecue, or mix it up with some cream cheese for a tasty dip.

Hellraising Hot Sauces are made by a Des Moines native (who now lives up in Minneapolis). AllSpice is proud to be a local source for these spicy sauces.

Stop in next Saturday for a little Hellraising: On Saturday, April 8, David Taylor from Hellraising Hot Sauce will be joining us at the store. From 11am to 1pm, we’ll be sampling the new Forbidden Fruit hot sauce, and David will answer your questions, and talk about his passion for hot sauce.  This will be a great opportunity to taste and compare the four varieties:

  • New! Forbidden Fruit (pretty hot) is a blend of sweet red jalapenos with hint of apple and cinnamon.
  • Green Fever (hot) is Serrano chile pepper and lime, with a bright citrus flavor and a sharp heat.
  • Sweet Suffering (hotter) is pineapple and habañero chile pepper, with a little onion and garlic thrown in for good measure. This one is great with the sweet and the heat.
  • Triple Inferno (very hottest) is habañero, jalapeño, and serrano chile peppers.


Forbidden Fruit hot sauce ingredients: Apple juice, apple cider vinegar, red jalapeno peppers, unsweetened applesauce, onions, habanero peppers, cinnamon, xanthan gum.

*the Habañero chile rates upwards of 300,000+ Scoville units; the humble Jalapeño registers about 3,000 – 5,000 on the Scoville scale.