Fresh Fish Fridays for Lent

Wednesday marks the beginning of the forty-day Christian season of Lent. And for many households, Lent means a change of diet, as many people choose to give up red meat and poultry.

That change of diet also means a change of pace in the kitchen, as folks switch out one set of main-dish recipes for another.

And even though at this time of year we love a good church fish fry or Mickey-D’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich, there are so many more delicious ways to enjoy fish during Lent.

Keep it simple by brushing your fish with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and then coat with one of our delicious seasonings for fish: Seared Salmon Seasoning, French Seafood Seasoning, Cape Cod Seasoning, Ancho Honey Blend, or Cajun Blackening Blend.  Cook with your preferred method (we like to bake it in the oven on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper).

Feeling more adventurous? Check out these main-dish fish recipes:

Do you have a favorite way to enjoy fish during Lent? Share it in the comments below.

Image Credit: St. James Fish Fry by Steve Snodgrass – cc-attribution