Fresh Ideas For Your Lenten Fish-Fry

It’s that time of year again!

fish_filletFresh off the madcap celebration of Mardi Gras, Wednesday marked the beginning of the forty-day Christian season of Lent.

For many households, Lent means a change of diet, as many people choose to give up red meat and poultry.

That change of diet also means a change of pace in the kitchen, as folks switch out one set of main-dish recipes for another.

And even though at this time of year, we enjoy a Mickey-D’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich as much as the next guy, there are so many more delicious ways to enjoy fish during Lent.

Chef Amy put on her thinking cap (should we call it her thinking toque?) and has created some new main-dish fish recipes, in case yours is one of the households that are observing this Lenten custom.

Check out these main-dish fish recipes:

Still hungry for more ideas?  For additional fish recipes, check out this complete list in the Recipes section of our website.

Cod filet