Garlic, garlic everywhere!

garlic-garlic-everywhereGarlic. We just love it SO MUCH. It’s one of our favorite ingredients, and, judging from how often we have to re-stock the shelves, one of our customers’ favorites, too!

Garlic has been cultivated for so long, that it is impossible to determine precisely its place of origin. Garlic is recorded in Egypt from the earliest times and was eaten by the builders of the Pyramids, and ancient Greeks and Romans called it “The Stinking Rose,” a name which endures today. Arab legend holds that garlic grew from the Devil’s footprint as he left Eden.

You’d think that we’d learned and eaten everything there was to do with garlic, and yet….

Several new garlic products have joined the “robust” lineup of garlic at AllSpice:

Black Garlic Powder. Black Garlic? What’s that, like Garlic Gone Goth?

Not really. Black Garlic is whole garlic, aged and fermented at high temperatures, yielding an altogether different kind of garlic taste. Black Garlic’s flavor is at once sweet and savory, smooth like caramel, but with a distinct garlic-meets-umami quality. Bon Appetit magazine says it’s “like umami fairy dust.”

AllSpice’s Black Garlic ($30 for a 1/2 Cup jar) pairs well with red meat, making it a wonderful addition to any burger. Try a little sprinkled over a mushroom stir fry. An ideal topping for focaccia or garlic bread.

Use Black Garlic Powder wherever you might normally use garlic, where want to add some special “oomph” — extra richness, tangy and complex, with subtle earthy tones. Add Black Garlic Powder to spice and seasoning mixes; blend with salt for topping popcorn or potato chips.

Garlic Pepper. Garlic and Black pepper. It’s such a simple, straightforward idea. Why didn’t we think of this before?

AllSpice’s Garlic Pepper ($6.80 for a 1/2 Cup jar) is a combination of — wait for it — fragrant garlic with fresh black pepper. It’s a great time saver in dishes where both garlic and pepper are needed. A blend of two flavors that naturally compliment each other, this combination is a wonderful base for nearly any marinade.

There’s no salt in this Garlic Pepper blend. It’s not needed: the harmonious pairing of coarsely-ground dried garlic and black peppercorns is more than enough to season meat, poultry, pasta, salad dressings, and more. It’s a perfect addition to steaks and burgers, too, and baked or roasted potatoes (or fries!).

Garlic comes from a lily-like plant, and is a cousin to similar-tasting onions, chives, leeks and scallions. The bouquet of garlic is harsh, penetrating and lasting. The whole [unchopped] clove has no aroma. Raw garlic’s flavor is sharp and acrid, and can be overpowering if used to excess. Cooked garlic has a familiar, almost nutty, mellow flavor that makes it an important cornerstone of cuisines around the world.