Ghost Pepper Salt: The Nuclear Option

First things first: this is not a finishing salt for the faint-of-heart.

It’s not the salt you’ll reach for when you want “just a little” spice.

This finishing salt is the ultimate condiment for folks who are deadly serious about their love of all things spicy.

Ghost Pepper Salt is sea salt, blended with ghost chile, THE 3rd HOTTEST CHILE PEPPER IN THE WORLD.

Just how hot is it? Ghost chiles are 2-3 times hotter than the face-melting habanero chile, **400 times** hotter than Tabasco sauce. If a jalapeño pepper rates 3,000 Scoville units, and a habanero scores 300,000 Scovilles, hold on to your socks when you taste a ghost chile. It rates ONE MILLION Scoville units.

What can you do with the thermonuclear heat of Ghost Pepper Salt? Add a touch of salty heat to all sorts of dishes.

Ghost Pepper Salt is a perfect finishing touch on baked goods, especially savory things like soft pretzels and cheddar-beer breads.

Sprinkle it on a chocolate dessert (especially brownies, ice cream, and hot cocoa).

Garnish a gazpacho, add fiery crunch to Chex Mix, enhance deviled eggs, top off tacos, spice up a salsa or BBQ sauce, or (OMG) rim the edge of a Bloody Mary or Margarita.

Ghost Pepper Salt is $9.10 for a 1/2 Cup jar.  See where your vivid culinary imagination will take you with this dangerously tasty salt. The smoky, intense flavor and unbridled heat makes Ghost Pepper Salt worth “walking into the fire.”