‘Going Undercover’: Paste Magazine Catches On To Des Moines’ Little Secret

DSM_World_Food_FestivalFile under: Stuff We Already Knew.

Paste Magazine recently published a list of 10 Undercover Stylish Neighborhoods in the US. It probably comes as no surprise to you to read that Des Moines’ Historic East Village makes the list!

(Not that we need the validation, but it’s nice to know that an outside observer noticed.)

Here’s what they have to say about our neat little neighborhood:

“Des Moines is like that one effortlessly cool kid in your middle school who was beloved by the popular group for his weird humor and appreciated by the geeks for his kindness to all. Des Moines is unconcerned with hipness and lofty ambitions; it’s perfectly content with it’s quietly impressive art museum, quaint as hell turn-of-the-century homes, and robust offering of quirky locally-owned shops. Because it’s not a transient city, Des Moines has developed a distinct vibe that you’ll feel all over downtown, particularly in the East Village area. It feels warm and inviting, but also like everyone’s in on a secret that you have yet to fully discover. Get to the bottom of it at the t-shirt store Raygun, thrift emporium Hill Vintage & Knits, and the oldest gay bar in the state, Blazing Saddle.”

We like that turn of a phrase: robust offering of quirky locally-owned shops. Thanks to all of you who got in early on the secret of our wonderful neighborhood.

You can read the whole article (and see the kind of “stylish neighborhood” company we keep) at the Paste Magazine website.

Photo: 2013 World Food Festival, East Locust Street, by Elisabeth.