Goodbye (for now) to Piper

Clockwise, from L: Eva, Andy, Anna, and Piper

It’s with great pride mixed with a little melancholy that we have to let you know that our youngest AllSpice staffer, Piper, is leaving.

This is her last week at the shop before she goes off to college in Decorah, Iowa.

AllSpice Owner Rory Brown says, “We will definitely miss Piper and her amazing personality. She is so kind to everyone, and just loves working with customers to help them find just the right thing.”

The silver lining in Piper’s departure for college is that she plans to come back to Des Moines at Christmastime. She promises that she’ll come help us out over her Winter Break.

We are looking forward to her return (even if it’s only temporary) and wish her an exciting and successful first semester at school!