Granulate This! (We Won’t Mince Words, But We Do Mince Onion and Garlic)

garlic-and-onionOne of this week’s Saturday Samples is Cinnamon Lemon Couscous – a light and flavorful Mediterranean dish that could serve as a side to any Lamb, Beef, or Poultry main course.

Of particular note is that the recipe calls for onion and garlic. Well, onion and garlic isn’t that unusual, especially in Mediterranean food. But it’s the form that onion and garlic takes that may be unfamiliar to you: it’s granulated.

GarlicWhy use granulated garlic? Well, for one thing, it’s got just the right texture for those recipes where you want the full, robust flavor of garlic, but with a smoother texture. Granulated garlic has a smoother texture than, say, minced garlic, but want more substance than the powdery, flour-like texture of garlic powder.

Granulated garlic is great for use in spice rubs for roasted meats, or in your smooth sauces, soups, or dressings. 1/2 tsp. granulated garlic in 1 tsp. water to equal 2 fresh cloves of garlic. Rehydrate garlic before adding to tart foods like tomatoes, (their acidic nature will stop the garlic from developing to its full strength).

And what about granulated onion? It’s much the same idea as with the granulated garlic. Our Granulated Onion is perfect for recipes that call for more thickness and bulk than extra-fine onion powder, but smoother texture and less “chunk” than minced or chopped onion. Granulated onion is often used in spice blends, braised meats, soups, stocks, or any recipe with lots of liquid to develop the rich onion flavor.

onionSo, to review:

  1. Garlic or Onion Powder is flour-y and extra fine, imparting flavor to a recipe without changing its texture.
  2. Granulated garlic or onion are a little more textured than their powder counterparts, but still produce fewer “chunks” in the finished dish than minced or chopped garlic (or onion).
  3. No mincing words – just mince the ingredients. The best bet for a little texture in your dish is to use the Minced option. Smaller than chopped onion (or garlic) minced pieces are about 1/8-inch long. Use minced onion and garlic in any recipe that calls for “just a touch” of garlic or onion: dip, omelets, dressings, hamburgers, casseroles, etc. These dried, minced ingredients can be rehydrated for 15-20 min in cold water (just drain excess liquid before adding to recipes). Retains taste and texture of onion or garlic.