Here we are now – entertain us!

Before they were famous for Seahawks football, Seattle was known as the birthplace of Nirvana, and the “Grunge” music genre.

Having a little Super Bowl get-together at your place this weekend? Good for you!

With the Seattle Seahawks back again this year, trying to reprise their 2014 win, there’s a chance that the game may not be the stunning runaway win they enjoyed last time around. (What the heck was up with Denver last year, anyway?)

What will you do when your guests get restless and say, “Here we are now; entertain us“?

You, the host or hostess with the mostest, will keep the party rocking, win or lose, exciting game or no, with a winning spread of Super Bowl Snacks.

The Super Bowl is America’s biggest snack-consuming day of the entire year (more than Halloween or Easter with its candy overload, or Thanksgiving and its feast).

super-bowl-2015Looking at the numbers for last year, Americans spent Super Bowl Sunday consuming:

  • 125 million chicken wings
  • 71 million pounds of avocados (typically made into guacamole)
  • 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, presumably served with your favorite dip
  • 4,000 tons of popcorn
  • and 49.2 million cases of beer to wash it all down (or to drown your sorrows, if your preferred team does poorly).

When the last field goal of the game has been kicked, and the score is tallied up, the average American will have consumed an incredible 2,400 calories, much (most?) of it in game-time snacks.

According to UK’s Daily Mail,* that’s equal to a slice of pizza, four cans of beer, one serving of BBQ wings, one serving of fried chicken, a portion of nachos with everything, a slice of cheesecake, a milkshake and fries.

Make those calories really count, people, and choose some awesome snack recipes (also here and here) to make and serve.

Now: are you ready for some football (snacks)?

*but hey, they’re all the way over in London, so how do they know what we’re eating during the Super Bowl? They say this is according to Atlanta-based Calorie Control Council, who made the estimate from a list of popular food items purchased for game day.:-)