Merry and Bright: Sunday Shopping in the East Village

Recently, there was a really great column published in the local paper by Des Moines artist, blogger and Market Day coordinator @CatRocketship, in which she exhorts shoppers to spurn the big box stores, and concentrate on finding gifts at small, local shops.

Cat argues that it doesn’t just benefit the merchant, the workers in the shop, and the local economy — it makes you look good, too. When your loved ones open a gift from a favorite little store you’ve discovered, they may feel a little twinge of jealousy that you were the first to find the place.

Cat says, “You found this cool thing at this cool shop they’ve never even been to. And really, what’s better than feeling awesome about yourself for the holidays?”

Our funky little neighborhood, The Historic East Village, is just such a cool place — not just one store, but a whole batch of shops filled with all kinds of unique and thoughtful gifts. No worry about risking your life walking from one big-box store, across the giant parking lot and six lanes of traffic, to the mall across the way. Park your car once, and stroll our pedestrian-friendly streets.

During the holiday season from [Thanksgiving to Christmas], many of the stores stay open on Sundays, too. I did a quick and informal email survey of some of the businesses in the neighborhood, and compiled this list of shops that are open on Sunday afternoons this month:

  • Eden, purveyor of beautiful things for your body and your home
  • Aimee, exquisite women’s clothing
  • Vitae Design Collective, one-of-a-kind new, vintage and re-purposed clothing and accessories
  • Jett and Monkey, purveyors of everything for your dog or cat
  • Projects, contemporary furniture [please add everything in this store to *my* wish list!]
  • Domestica, posters, prints, jewelry, home goods, stylish goodies
  • Vanity and Glamour, custom-crafted cosmetics [Patrick is currently doing a $60 gift certificate for $50 deal!]
  • Porch Light, antiques and new-made-to-look-old housewares and accessories
  • Ichi Bike, custom and vintage bikes and accessories [got a great wicker bike basket here!]
  • Raygun, fabulous t-shirts [high school and college age kids love these]
  • From Our Hands, art gallery [many beautiful ornaments here]
  • Leona Ruby, jewelry
  • Green Goods For The Home, eco-friendly house and beauty products, and international handmade goods
  • Colores by Nita, Incredible tie-dye and all manner of colorful knicknacks

We’ll add to this Sunday list of shops as we get updated information. Please do come see us whenever you can, whether on a weekday or on the weekend.  We guarantee that you’ll find a warm welcome, unique gifts, and a fun time here in the East Village!