Homemade Holiday: AllSpice Staffers’ Favorite Foodie Gifts

Holidays are fast approaching, but there’s still plenty of time to make some delicious treats to give as gifts.

This week, AllSpice staff are telling all, divulging their secrets for the best homemade holiday gifts.

Cookie_PlateOne secret to remember is that your homemade food gifts don’t have to be fancy or complicated (not that there’s anything wrong with fancy! we love fancy!).

According to Chef Amy, our manager, “Some of the best-received food gifts come from the simplest recipes.”  As far as quick and easy food gifts go, Chef Amy recommends perennial holiday favorites, like one of the many variations on Chex mixes, or tins filled with Spiced Nuts.  These recipes make up quickly, look nice, and taste far better than anything the recipient could get at the grocery store. Plus, they are irresistibly delicious.

AllSpice staff share more recipes for their favorite scratch-made holiday gifts, below:

Diane: Zucchini Bread

Val: Sweet Cinnamon Nuts

Amy: Snack (aka Chex) mixes — specific favorites include Sweet Caramel Chex Mix, CheddarHead Chex Mix, and, of course Traditional Chex Mix

Triple_Ginger_Cookie_IngredientsAndy, co-owner of AllSpice: Denise’s Mustard – an unexpected departure from the regular sweet treats or salty snacks

Fran: ‘Snow on a Plowed Field’ chocolate cookies,
and Fruitcake cookies

Chad: Mostarda, a hybrid fruit-mustard condiment;
Pears in Red Wine;
and Pepparkakor Gingersnaps

Denise: Dukkah, a Middle-Eastern blend;
my special mustard (see Andy’s suggestion, above);
homemade jam;
Jalapeno Pickles;
and, of course (being Scottish) Scotch Shortbread

Eva: Chocolate-covered Toffee;
and anything from our Cookie recipe category

Elisabeth (not exactly an AllSpice staffer, but I write the AllSpice newsletter and blog): Chocolate Caramel ‘Turtle’ Thumbprints
homemade Chocolate Truffles

Here’s a link to the whole list of homemade holiday favorites.

Happy Holidays!