Homestyle Meatloaf Seasoning: Comfort Food For the 21st Century

Just like Grandma used to make (in 1933)

A longtime favorite. For many of us, nothing says “comfort food” quite like good old-fashioned meatloaf.

Just how old-fashioned are we talking about? Ground meat, mixed with spices and other ingredients, patted into a loaf shape and baked, meatloaf has been around in some form or another since its first mention in Apicius in the 5th century C.E.

A family tradition. In more recent centuries, (such as the twentieth), our great-grandmothers perfected their meatloaf recipes during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Serving meatloaf was a practical way of “making do” by using an inexpensive type of meat and other simple ingredients, using up leftovers to create a new meal. Just as traditions vary from region to region, and even family to family, traditional meatloaf recipes, plain and simple though they may be, are a comforting reminder of home.

But sometimes, it’s good to buck tradition and try something new.

Homestyle-meatloaf-seasoningHomestyle Meatloaf Seasoning is not your mama’s meatloaf seasoning. Salt, pepper, garlic and tomato give a nod to old-school meatloaf, but the tamarind, chiles, sumac and other ingredients will add a zesty punch to any ground beef recipe you can imagine. Add 1 Tbsp Homestyle Meatloaf Seasoning ($6 for a 1/2Cup jar) per pound of ground meat, and follow just about any meatloaf recipe. Don’t forget to try it in your burgers too.

Homestyle Meatloaf Seasoning Contains: Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Sugar, Tomato, Vinegar, Spices, Rice Concentrate, Tamarind, Chiles, Sumac, Hickory Smoke, Citric Acid, and Onion.