Hey There, Honey: Honey Powder

We’ve had a number of customers ask us lately, “What’s Honey Powder?

Honey Powder is a versatile, sweet baking ingredient that comes in handy for a wide ranges of uses.

Chef Amy drew us up a quick list of things you ought to know about this great pantry staple:

  • Honey Powder is also known as dry or dehydrated honey.
  • Honey Powder is white, and has a fine, smooth texture similar to corn flour.
  • Honey is dried into fine powder using high heat.
  • Honey Powder is not sticky like regular honey, which makes it mess-free, without crystallisation issues, and it’s very easy to clean up.

When should I use Honey Powder? Use Honey Powder as an ingredient in baking recipes, where the moisture content of recipes is limited (that is, regular honey would make the batter too “gooey”). Use Honey Powder in the same amounts as you would table sugar.

Honey Powder is also widely used as a sprinkle on hot or cold cereal, puddings, biscuits, cakes, and breads.

Look here for recipes using Honey Powder: our growing list ranges from Spiced Cream Cheese to Irish Coffee, and from Honey Vanilla Whipped Cream to BBQ Pork Sandwiches.

Photo credit: “Beehives,” by thephotodrome on Flickr