I Remember Mama …

… and you should, too. This year, because the month of May starts on a Sunday (this weekend, people!), Mother’s Day (always celebrated the second Sunday in May) is happening on the earliest possible date — Sunday, May 8.

That’s zooming up on us pretty soon, folks.

Perhaps you’ve got your Mother’s Day gift plan all figured out, in which case, good for you!

But if you’re still looking for some gift ideas, AllSpice owner Rory Brown brainstormed some gift ideas with us.

For the mom (or the mother figure) that loves to cook or bakeThe Baker’s Dozen ($55), is a literal baker’s dozen, of 13 baking ingredients. The “Bakin’- Lovin’ From the Oven” gift box ($24) features the five key ingredients a baker needs. Both gift sets include our store favorite Vanilla Paste which is a must for any baker.

Maybe your mom is the king (er, queen) of the grill? In that case we would suggest our one of cookout-themed gift sets, such as the all-purpose Barnyard ($24), beef-conoisseur’s Moo ($24), or BBQ (aka “Sweet, Spicy and All Up In Your Grill”, $36).

If your mom is into “Eating Light” and you love that about her, show your support for her healthy habits with the Splash seafood spice blend assortment ($20), or for “next level veggie fabulous,” the Veg Out ($22) gift box.

If you prefer a “choose your own adventure” gift, you could add a combination of several gourmet oils or balsamic vinegars in our Pick Four box, to round out any one of these gifts as well.  It’s fun to share your favorites with the people you love, and better yet, these ingredients are so versatile – great on meats, cheeses, vegetables and salads (even desserts!) and more.

Get fresh. Freshen up mom’s cooking when you share a favorite new cookbook. Learn more about spices, herbs, chiles, vinegars, or oils. Look sharp with a fresh new chef’s apron. Look over the Gifts category on the AllSpice website, or stop in the shop to check out all the beautiful books, aprons and other gifts we have to choose from.

Special bonus for the gift-wrap challenged: choose your Mother’s Day gift at AllSpice, and we’ll make sure your gift is all done up in a pretty AllSpice gift bag, with colorful tissue and matching string. Think: “brown paper packages, tied up with string.” Stick with us, kids, and we’ll make your Mother’s Day gift one of her “favorite things.”