If You Like It, Why Don’t You Put A Stick In It?

The winter holidays are pretty nice, but for some of us, the “most wonderful time of the year” comes in the middle of August — of course, we’re talking about the Iowa State Fair. For eleven days every summer, attendees from every walk of life, from Presidential candidate wannabees to cross-dressing square-dancing tractor drivers, all jostle for a look at the biggest and best that Iowa has to offer. And what a lot of amazing stuff is offered at the Fair!

While examples of high class and exquisite good taste abound, from the fine-art photography and intricate handmade quilts to homemade jams, flower arrangements and painted china, the Iowa State Fair for us is all about what’s REALLY BIG:

  • the biggest pumpkin [1,295 pounds],
  • the Big Boar [a Hampshire named Tiny, 1,196 pounds],
  • the life-size cow sculpture made of butter [100 years of butter cows in 2011!].

Maybe best of all is the big, big food available at the fair. There are over 200 different menu items, and fifty different foods on a stick to choose among.  From the spectacular [Tiramisu on a stick? Check. Oreos, or Twinkies, or Snickers candy bars, deep-fried and on a stick? Yes, yes, and yes.] to the mere spectacle [Chocolate-covered BACON on a stick? You betcha. DEEP FRIED BUTTER ON A STICK? Oh my heavens, apparently, yes.] the Iowa State Fair offers something [on a stick!] for everyone.

Here at Allspice, we’re very excited to be adding our own special twist to State Fair Fare. Join us at the Iowa State Fair this Friday, August 19, in the Elwell Family Food Center, 10:30 am, for the very first Balsamic On A Stick recipe contest! We can’t wait to see what kind of sweet, tart, and savory treats our contestants come up with. Perhaps one of these will be our new State Fair Foodie Favorite!

We’ll share the results — and the recipes — with you after the contest.

photo: food-on-a-stick set on Flickr.