If you want to do anything, you’re going to need Everything

When we were first offered an “Everything” bagel, we were skeptical.

Having experienced the strange mix of flavors when your pungent Asiago cheese bagel rides home from the bakery next to your sticky-sweet blueberry bagel … well, the idea of having “everything” on a bagel seemed suspect.

Boy, were we happily surprised to discover that an everything bagel is pretty much the best thing ever! That generous sprinkle of salt, onion, garlic, poppy seed, and white and black sesame seeds is exactly what the outside of your bagel needed: crunchy salt plus garlic, the slightly nutty seeds, toasty onion bits. Fantastic stuff.

So fantastic, in fact, that we took this magical combo of flavors and textures, and put it in a jar, so that we could eat it on things other than bagels.

We hesitate to admit it, but we might have even gotten a little obsessed with this seasoning blend, adding it to our favorite foods, from breakfast to snack time to supper.  We literally like to sprinkle Everything Bagel Seasoning on everything.

(Okay, we don’t put it on dessert. Of course not dessert. What kind of monster puts garlic and onions on their dessert? No, no, no.)

Everything Bagel Seasoning is our go-to blend of the moment, and we’re using it in a wide variety of ways:

And a final note, about Everything Bagel Seasoning – do you love Everything Bagels, but hate the mess they leave? The answer: use Everything Bagel Seasoning to put the yummy, crunchy, savory bits on the *inside* of the bagel.  Use any bagel with your favorite smear, shake on some Everything Bagel Seasoning and smoosh it in. Eat that “everything bagel” in the car or at your desk, with wild abandon (and no fear of wearing the seasoning on your pants the rest of the day).

Everything Bagel Seasoning contains: salt, onion, garlic, poppyseed, white and black sesame seeds.