Incredible, Edible: Ideas For Using Up Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs


Early next week, as the small humans come down off their jelly-bean and chocolate bunny buzz, and as you pack away the bright green plastic grass until next spring, you will realize that you have several dozen brightly-colored hard-boiled eggs in your refrigerator.

They were fun to dye and decorate [see our natural egg dye blog post again], but now you have a bounty of eggs.  How can you make the best use of them?

The food safety basics:  Hard-boiled eggs will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week. [I confess: I have eaten hard boiled eggs after chilling them in my fridge for considerably longer than a week. I do not have a particularly iron-clad constitution. However: your mileage may vary. The USDA and local Ag Extension Service says 1 week only.]

Also: if you are going to have hard-boiled eggs outside the refrigerator during that week, it should be for no longer than two hours. [I have exceeded this guideline also. Perhaps I like living dangerously. USDA says: keep the eggs in the fridge when you’re not decorating or hiding/finding them.]

Seven+ Ways to Eat Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs: Let’s assume that everyone at your house got to decorate eggs to their heart’s content. Also assuming that the dog did not find and eat any full cartons of decorated eggs that you stashed for the big backyard Egg Hunt,* then you will find yourself with lots of leftover hard-boiled eggs.

Here are some egg recipes to help use up that delicious high-protein bounty. You can do a different dish every day for the next week [the amount of time you can, according to the USDA, safely keep leftover hardboiled eggs] and never have a repeat:

Did we use up all your leftover hard-boiled eggs yet? What is your favorite use for leftover Easter eggs? Share your good ideas with us on our website, and we’ll pass them along!

*Based on a true story. Cardboard carton and all.

Photo credit: Elisabeth Lewin