Introducing: The ‘Des Moines Local Flavors’ gift box

Matrix-MorpheusAllSpice customers, we’ve got you pegged: you love Des Moines’ food scene. And, natch, you live by the motto, “Buy Fresh, Buy Local,” when selecting ingredients for cooking at home.

What if we told you, you could enjoy some of Des Moines’ most celebrated foods, in your own kitchen, anywhere in the world?

desmoines-gift-boxThe Des Moines Local Flavors gift box gathers four one-of-a-kind Des Moines spice blends:

  • Gusto Pizza Co’s Pizza Spice Blend
  • Spicy Ammazza Suocera,  the spice blend made famous by foccaccia queen, Alessandra (of Cooking With Alessandra fame)
  • The bold signature spice blend of the DSM barbecue geniuses at Mo’Rub
  • AllSpice owner Rory Brown’s own Breakfast Sausage Blend

Use any of these versatile spice blends to add a taste of Des Moines to your pasta, pizza, meats and poultry, breads and dipping sauces, barbecue entrées and vegetable dishes.

The Des Moines Local Flavors gift box ($27) makes a thoughtful present for DSM natives who have moved away, and is a lovely parting gift for house guests and other visitors.