Iowa State Fair 2013: AllSpice Sauerbraten Competitions

Omi’s Sauerbraten?

Sauerbraten-mariniertOmi is German for Grandma, and Sauerbraten (literally sour + roast) is the savory, marinated roast that is one of our dear Omi’s specialties. Here are the contest details:

Two Sauerbraten classes (categories):

  1. Beef Sauerbraten (pretty self-explanatory)
  2. Hunter’s Sauerbraten (made with venison or other game)

The final presentation of the entries must include both the roasted/braised meat and its accompanying gravy or sauce.


Tasting will be done in two parts: 1) the meat alone (without any accompanying gravy/sauce) and 2) the meat tasted together with its accompanying gravy/sauce. Each part (roast, sauce) will be weighted equally in determining the overall result.

Entries in both categories will be judged on taste, appearance, and overall flavor, with particular attention paid to the degree to which the pre-cooking marinade has infused the flavor of the meat and the flavor of the accompanying gravy/sauce.

Best overall Sauerbraten:
$40 AllSpice Gift Certificate

  • 1st Place, for each class: $40 AllSpice Gift Certificate
  • 2nd Place, for each class $25 AllSpice Gift Certificate
  • 3rd Place, for each class: $15 AllSpice Gift Certificate

Every entrant in every contest also receives a 5 oz bottle of Balsamic Vinegar.

You can brush up on marinades here on our blog, and check out other recipes for beef in our Recipes section.

Deadline for State Fair contest entries is July 1, 2013. You can find the Iowa State Fair food contest brouchure, with entry fees (essentially, $5/entry) and all other rules and details on the Iowa State Fair website (.pdf).

If you have any questions or need clarification about the AllSpice contests, please stop by the shop, phone us (515-868-0808), or drop us an email.

Photo: “Rheinischer Sauerbraten” by Ulrich van Stipriaan